• Patricia Stover

The Women We Love to Hate

I recently watched Netflix's new show Midnight Mass and followed it up with Elvira Mistress of the Dark. I've always been a big Elvira fan. I mean, who isn't right? Now you might find yourself asking, "What does one have to do with the other?" I found, after watching both, they featured very similar characters. Chastity Paraih, played by Edie McClurg and Bev Keane, played by Samantha Sloyan. And man did I hate those two characters. I watched each show just waiting for the moment when each of them would get what was coming to them. And when it finally happened, man did I laugh.

Then I found myself wondering, "why do we love to hate these women so much?" My answer? Because in every town there is someone just like them. We've all had our run in with one or two women just like them. These characters hit close to home. We've all had to deal with someone who's looked down their nose or put it in everyone else's business. Someone who thought they were the "good guy" or "good woman" in this instance. But who in reality were much worse than the people they were pointing the finger at. And man do those people piss us off. They might be our neighbor or the lady at church, or maybe someone we pass at the market. But what makes it so satisfying to watch these women on the big screen? It is because they are finally "getting what they deserve." That's right. Since karma is often left unserved in real life, we look for it through television and movies and books. And man do we love characters that we can hate. We love to watch them squirm. To finally see them get their well deserved dues. It is satisfying in a way that words really can't describe. There will never be anything quite as fulfilling as watching a hypocrite choke on their own medicine. So, I applaud these actresses for a job well done. Because I loved every second of hating them.

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