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  • Patricia Stover

May's Month-Long Writing Challenge

Week Three

Welcome to week three of May’s Month-Long Writing Challenge. Last week we were Alone in the Woods. This week let’s take things indoors. Into the science lab that is. Because I’m a huge nerd who loves science, and because this one really sounded fun, I decided to make this week’s challenge all about science experiments.

So, here it is…

Week Two:

Science Experiment Gone Wrong

You’ve got the test subject strapped to the table. Ready to give the last injection, but wait, he busts free. What is that? A deformity? An extra appendage? His beady eyes narrow on you. Oh god the horror! Or maybe you’ve mixed the wrong beakers and created a deadly gas or giant bugs! The ideas are endless with this one.

Remember, the idea is to exercise your writing muscles and to have fun. Let your mind take you where it will. If you don’t like the idea of a lab, do your experiment at home. Don’t want a monster, create a super storm. It’s all up to you. Have fun. Oh, and remember…

Keep it spooky.

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