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May's Month-Long Writing Challenge

Week Four

Welcome to week five of May’s Month-Long Writing Challenge. In case this is your first time here, each challenge has its own theme and must be in the Horror genre. Last week’s challenge was Science Experiment Gone Wrong.

This week I thought we’d take things a bit deeper. Way down deep. This week I want to take all of you to the very depths of the ocean where creatures of all kinds can swim, squirm, and bite their way onto your page.

This week’s challenge is…

Week Four

Deep Sea Horror

Now, your story doesn’t necessarily have to be underwater. It can take place anywhere on or near the deep blue sea. I could be on a ship, or the beach, or even a canoe. Let your imagination lead you. But the Horror must revolve around the sea.

Maybe you’re a burley pirate who’s just escaped with a chest of treasure. But what you didn’t know was that this treasure was cursed. Now, the creature in the sea is stalking your ship.

Or…maybe you’re a lonely siren whose escaped a fisherman’s net only to be hunted down like a beast by the wild-eyed captain and his crew.

Whatever story you choose, have fun.

And remember…

Keep it spooky.

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